The Leftovers- Sheep Soup Productions at Curve Studio, Leicester.
Book by Nic Harvey
Music by Rob Green.

 Direction: Siobhan Cannon-Brownlie
Design: Lizzy Leech
Lighting Design: Joshua Gadsby

Producer: Tom Barnes
Photography: Pamela Raith


Following the sudden death of Jodie, occasional gig reviewer and the definition of misadventure,
some of her friends join forces in a Nottingham recording studio. Local singer-songwriter Hayley has penned a memorial song for Jodie,
but the makeshift band can’t seem to agree on what their late friend would have wanted from a musical tribute.
Are they here to pay their respects or to alleviate their guilt? Or is this just an intense form of music therapy? 

In 'The Leftovers' the music playfully rises out of the collective scramble to find the best way to commemorate a lost friend. 
Leftovers was a diegetic musical, and it was important for light not to compromise the organic and naturalistic origins.
Light gently contracted and expanded supporting the playful musical discoveries as they unfolded, but never enforced its own stylistic agenda.