A Midsummer Night's Dream - For Royal Central, MA Acting Classical at The Webber Douglas

 Direction: Stephen Hudson
Scenography: Andreas Skourtis
Lighting Design: Joshua Gadsby
Sound Design: Joe Dines
Movement Director Ingrid Mackinnon
Associate Director: Tricia Hitchcock
Assistant Designer: Vivianna Chiotini

Production Manager: Vivienne Clavering
SM: Fiona Kennedy
DSM: Louise Brown

Production Photography: Robert Day
Documentary Photography: Andreas Skourtis 

Athens – defined by its relationship to law, war and the patriarchy that rules it.
Four lovers flee the city in order to find what they believe will bring them happiness and become lost in a forest:
a place where inhibition and convention are shredded and where nothing is what it appears to be;
a place where they discover that living outside of the society that has moulded them can bring more than they bargained for.

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