Still Ill - Kandisnsky at The New Diorama

 Direction: James Yeatman
Lighting Design: Joshua Gadsby

Video Design: Harry Yeatman
Composition: Zac Gvi

Devised With The Company:
Sophie Steer
Hamish MacDougall
Harriet Webb

Stage Manager: Maia Alvarez Stratford
Producer: Lauren Mooney

Photography: David Monteith - Hodge

How does it feel to be told there is nothing physically wrong with you, when your brain tells you you're sick?
Still Ill Explores FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) a condition that is as common on
neurology wards as MS. 

Playful, funny, eloquent and emotionally devastating. It's the closest I've ever got to my pipe dream
of work that plays with form and theatricality and still allows room
for heart-clenching emotional honesty.


An intricately-layered, exquisitely detailed piece from rising stars Kandinsky
— ★★★★ - TimeOut
Fascinating, layered, intelligent
— ★★★★ The Stage
A sophisticated, intriguing and enlightening production
— ★★★★ London Theatre1
Brilliantly crafted, exacting, and endlessly inventive, Still Ill is a complex and meticulous journey into the world of undiagnosis
— Exeunt Magazine
Breathtaking stuff… an enormously affecting bit of theatre
— ★★★★★ London City Nights
Still Ill doesn’t attempt explanations—there are none—but shows just what it’s like.....Kandinsky show how it feels. Still Ill demands our tolerance and understanding.
— British Theatre Guide