Airswimming - NewPlay Productions at The Vaults
by Charlotte Jones

 Direction: Anthony Skuse
Becky Dee Trevenen
Sound Design : John McLeod

Photography: Ed Miller 


Airswimming is the delicate story of two women consigned to a hospital for the criminally insane for baring illegitimate children.
Devastating and uplifting in equal measure the story tracks over fifty years and explores
what it is to find companionship when all others have left you behind. 

...The result is a beautifully simple, non linear, two hander that is both tragic and funny ... a well rounded and eerie experience as well as an evening of true skill and artistry
— ★★★★ West End Wilma
Stark messages in the material are reflected in Becky-Dee Trevenen’s set and costume design, with the lighting from Joshua Gadsby and sound from Jon McLeod coming together perfectly to create moods of intimacy, of danger and of discomfort.
— ★★★★ Review Hub